Leadership and Professional Standards


Many of AOA’s members are involved in leadership roles both inside and outside the organisation – from participating in mentoring and training leadership roles, to leading committees, executives and advocacy groups. Through the Strategic Plan 2019–2021, AOA aims to involve more members in leadership positions and collectively enhance strategic thinking and collaboration.

One such leadership initiative that has already seen the growth of AOA’s leaders is the AOA Emerging Leaders Forum, which facilitates the development of surgical and organisational leadership through interactive discussions, breakout sessions and group activities.

Through the implementation of the 2019–2021 Strategy, AOA will also step forward as a leader for cultural change by improving diversity through leadership, advocacy, engagement and training initiatives. AOA aims to create a culture of inclusion that promotes and supports both people aiming to join the profession and those that are already within it. Developing a membership that better represents the population will continue to improve patient outcomes and will better serve the Australian community.

Leadership and Professional Standards is a core strategy in AOA's Strategic Plan 2019–2021

Professional Standards

AOA is committed to facilitating a constructive conversation about professional behaviour and ethical conduct and aims to develop benchmark standards of practice.

The AOA Ethical Framework is our foundation for embedding shared ethical codes throughout the AOA membership. By implementing the Framework, AOA will continue to foster the development of professional standards of practice for orthopaedic surgery and musculoskeletal health.