AOA continues to facilitate a community of musculoskeletal research by making research a priority in the AOA Strategic Plan 2019–2021. The aims of this Plan complement those in the AOA Research Strategic Plan 2016–2021, which have already seen significant progress in providing member support in musculoskeletal research initiatives.

Many AOA members are heavily involved in research – indeed, many of the most prominent Australian researchers in musculoskeletal disorders and conditions are AOA members – and AOA aims to support these members by helping connect them with each other to enable collaborative and interdisciplinary projects. These efforts have begun with the ongoing cataloguing of research being carried out across the country, displayed in our Research Map.

By connecting like-minded researchers and research projects, AOA anticipates that supported musculoskeletal research will continue to promote evidence-based, ethical, cost-effective and sustainable orthopaedic practice.

As part of its research efforts, AOA also aims to expand and optimise the AOA National Joint Replacement Registry’s (AOANJRR) capability and strengthen its global reach and influence by expanding it’s data-collection and analysis capability.

Research is a core strategy in AOA's Strategic Plan 2019–2021


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