ASM 2020


Andrew Ellis
President, AOA

The AOA would like to invite you to the Australian Orthopaedic Association Annual Scientific Meeting, 23 October 2020. In this year of disruption, we are determined to meet as colleagues either virtually or in person. This will either occur remotely or through our networked hubs in states. It has been a very challenging year, yet we are looking forward to coming together as colleagues despite all that has happened and remains in front of us.

We are disappointed not to be in Melbourne and remain very much mindful of the extraordinary COVID-19 impact in that state.

The community in Victoria, including our colleagues, have faced enormous challenges. Let’s get together as best we can and support Orthopaedics in Australia for a short and sharp meeting.

The theme of this year’s meeting remains ‘Standing Tall and Stepping Forward’. This of course is a reminder of the effect of orthopaedic surgeons in enabling the wonder of movement. Further we aim to celebrate science, innovation and the role of orthopaedic surgeons in advocacy and community engagement, stepping forward into partnership to improve the quality of life of Australians. Never before has this aspiration been more important as we work through the delayed surgical needs of the COVID effect.

A distinguished faculty of Carousel Presidents will chat in a moderated forum about how COVID has affected Orthopaedic surgery in peer nations. How are they managing and what are they doing? What have they learned that can help us and what can we share?

We will have a plenary on surgical advocacy and leadership to the benefit of the community. We will hear of the road safety, the ‘towards zero project’ and how engineering and road safety measures save lives; the role of surgical advocacy of the RACS Trauma Committee in domestic, alcohol induced violence and in road trauma; and of how our colleagues in NZ will share how they cope with earthquakes and terror. This should prove stimulating and educational.

There will be scientific papers and the important AOANJRR plenary. The registry celebrates its 20th year and this year’s report promises more. Understand the key take home messages that help shape practice in arthroplasty and clinical trials.

Don’t social isolate any more than you have to. Spend some time virtually or in person as circumstances permit. So please take some time to join us at the AOA ASM, it will be worth it!


Kind regards

Andrew Ellis
President, AOA