2016 Successful Grants  

Congratulations to the following individuals on their successful Research Foundation Grant Applications:  

Zsolt Balogh

To test the clinical applicability of a novel, rapid and sensitive method for the diagnosis of bacterial arthritis. 

Geoffrey Smith 

To test the hypothesis that in patients aged 70 and over with 3 or 4 part fractures of the humeral neck, treatment with reverse total shoulder arthroplasty will result in improved shoulder pain and function two years post injury compared to noon-operative treatment 

Richard Page

To develop a laboratory model for a biofilm production that can be replicated as a clinical tool. In addition, the human tissue/host fractures will be assessed in biofilm producing prosthetic joint infections and explore potential pathways that can be exploited diagnostically and therapeutically. 

David Morgan 

Aim 1: To compare mechanical properties of vitamin-diffused bone with fresh bone allografts irradiated at low (10kGy), standard (25kGy) and high (50kGy) doses using 3-point bending of cortical bone beams and repetitive compaction tests of morsellised bone. 
Aim 2: To determine vitro remodelling potential of bone allografts using cell proliferation and attachment assays of osteoclasts on the surface of vitamin-diffused cortical bone. 

Wayne Hoskins

To compare in a population of adult subjects aged 18 - 75, the differences in bacterial growth and bacterial identification between two antiseptic regimes: Chlorohexidine-alcohol skin preparation and an iodine-impregnated skin adhesive (loban); Chlorohexidine-alcohol skin preparation and a skin adhesive without iodine (Opsite). 


The Foundation funds a 'small grants' scheme to encourage the initiation or continuation of research projects by AOA Fellows, Associates and Trainees.

As a guide to the appropriate size of budget to be submitted with your application, the extent of funding available each year is determined by the earnings of the Foundation's capital in the preceding year.

The number of grants allocated from 2001 to date:

2015 7 Grants $124k
2014 6 Grants $187k
6 Grants
2012     4 Grants       $114K
2011 5 Grants $204K
2010 5 Grants $240K
2009 4 Grants $143K
2008 6 Grants $215K
2007 4 Grants $135K
2006 3 Grants $115K
2005 4 Grants $110K
2004 3 Grants $80K
2003 3 Grants $70K
2002 2 Grants $30K
2001 4 Grants $32K

Although grants in excess of $50,000 may be awarded, applicants should be aware that the funding pool is limited and most awards will fall below $30,000. The current total funding available annually is in the order of $150,000.