Musculoskeletal Research

Research is a key pillar of AOA and will pave the way for evidence-based clinical practice. As the peak body for orthopaedics, stewardship of a limited financial resource is our responsibility. Harnessing the drive for discovery and facilitating collaborations that will achieve this is a major goal of AOA.

The Strategic Research Working Party was created to explore and develop strategies to enhance AOA’s capacity for leadership in musculoskeletal research. To achieve this, the Strategic Research Working Party will rely heavily on the themes of collaboration, multidisciplinarity, networking, research champions acting as lighthouses, early career mentorship, community need and advocacy, and fundraising.

The Strategic Research Working Party will foster a network of National Orthopaedic Academic Departments (NOADs) closely linked by the activities of a national research officer with logistic support from the national office. Linking the activities of the NOADs with other orthopaedic groups and individuals will create a robust environment from which orthopaedic-led research can prosper and grow.

Together with the other pillars of our profession – namely training, clinical practice and governance – we will see AOA lead through translating research into evidence-based practice to drive clinical improvement and policy change.

Examples of current orthopaedic research can be viewed on the AOA Research Showcase.