AOA 21 – AOA's Education and Training Initiative


In March 2014, AOA launched AOA 21 – an ambitious education and training initiative. Over an eight-year period, AOA 21 is improving the quality of patient care through the delivery of evidence-based 21st-century orthopaedic surgical education and training.

AOA 21 has already influenced improvements in the delivery of orthopaedic surgery in the Australian community through:
  • Modernising and streamlining the curriculum to better guide teaching and learning
  • Introducing more clinically relevant assessment practices to help identify trainees that require assistance earlier in their training
  • Building the skills and capabilities of AOA members to improve clinical teaching
  • Developing smarter technology to provide more flexible learning methods and improve the regularity of trainee feedback.

The AOA Strategic Plan 2019–2021 places AOA 21 at the forefront of AOA’s priorities, as the Association aims to continue to provide the highest quality education and training by implementing AOA 21.

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AOA 21 Data

Publication and Authorship Policy – This policy determines requirements related to the release of AOA 21 Data Reports and any publication or presentation of data obtained from an AOA 21 Data Report.

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Education and Training is a core strategy in AOA's Strategic Plan 2019–2021