Asia Pacific

AOA’s work in the Asia Pacific is focused on creating and strengthening relationships with communities and organisations throughout the region, with a particular focus on humanitarian initiatives. The education and training provided by our members is highly regarded in these areas, and we’re currently working to focus our strategy in the region, using a clear understanding of the organisations and individuals providing support as the foundation for efforts to ensure that resources available are used as efficiently as possible.


Our focus on the Asia Pacific is a core strategy of AOA's Strategic Plan 2016–2018

Orthopaedic Outreach

Many AOA members provide invaluable services to disadvantaged communities in the Asia Pacific by performing hundreds of free operations and, crucially, providing education and training to local doctors so that their influence can still benefit the local population between visits. Many of these visits are organised, co-ordinated and funded by Orthopaedic Outreach, a charitable organisation that AOA is proud to support.

Please visit to find out more about Orthopaedic Outreach or to make a donation.


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