Western Australia


2018 WA Branch Annual Scientific Meeting

Registration and abstract submission are now open at the conference website.
For other meeting dates please consult the AOA Calendar.


Regional Manager Julia Holloway
PO Box 5535
Canning Vale (S) WA 6155
T 08 9455 7000
F 08 9455 7080
E julia.holloway@aoa.org.au

Chair Greg Janes

Secretary Michael Holt

WA Executive Committee

Greg Janes                Chair
Dermot Collopy   Past Chair, Federal Representative 
Michael Holt    Honorary Secretary 
Mark Hurworth    Rural Representative 
Ben Jeffcote    Scientific Convenor 
Omar Khorshid    ASOS Representative 
Mike Ledger    Younger Fellows Representative 
Clem McCormick    General Committee Member 
Jon Spencer    Training Representative 
Kate Stannage    OWL Representative 
Colin Whitewood    General Committee Member
Greg Witherow    RACS Representative 
Michael Wren   General Committee Program

WA Regional Training Committee

Jon Spencer                Chair
TBC   Deputy Chair 
Greg Hogan   DOT - RPH
Aaron Tay   DOT - SCGH
Li-On Lam    DOT - FH
Clem McCormick   DOT - PMH 
Sven Goebel   DOT - JHC 
Harry Stock                 DOT - Bunbury
Andrew Mattin   DOT - FSH 
Markus Kuster    Research Coordinator
Greg Janes    WA Exec Chair
Dermot Collopy/Colin Whitewood    Federal Representative 
Rhys Clark   Trainee Rep 
Alan Prosser
Richard Carey-Smith   HOD - SCGH
Omar Khorshid   HOD - FDH
Kate Stannage   HOD - PMH
Tony Geddes   HOD - JHC
Koula Pratsis   HOD - Bunbury
Piers Yates   HOD - FSH
Gareth Prosser   HOD FSH