Champions of Change


As leadership is a core part of the Strategic Plan 2019–2021, AOA aims to involve more members in leadership positions. As such, AOA has created the Champions of Change Working Group after a five-year Diversity Strategic Plan, to encourage action against gender inequality within the organisation. 

The Working Group works with the AOA Board, Orthopaedic Women's Link (OWL) Committee and AOA membership to address and take action on issues relating to diversity.


  • To work with the OWL Committee to step up beside women to listen and learn from their experiences and leadership and advocate for women’s representation.

  • Prioritise achieving progress on women’s representation by seeking out innovative and effective approaches and investing time to achieve aspirations.

  • Identify and implement progressive and high impact actions that disrupt the status quo to create meaningful and sustainable change
  • Lead with action and advocacy, by working with the state branches, subspecialty societies, AOA Committees.
  • Assisting with the implementation of the relevant milestones in the AOA Diversity Strategy. 
Please refer to the Terms of Reference or contact for further information about the Working Group. 

Champions of Change Working Group representatives

Chair: Andrew Wines


QLD: Michael Lutz


QLD: Rohan Brunello

WA: Richard Carey Smith


SA: Andrew Saies


VIC/TAS: Rob Pianta


OWL: Rekha Ganeshalingam


Jennifer Green