Training Site Accreditation – The Basics

All training sites that host one or more trainees as part of the AOA Surgical Education & Training (SET) program are required to be formally accredited by the AOA. The AOA assesses each site on a range of criteria to ensure that the site is appropriately equipped to host SET trainees. Areas assessed include:

  • Education facilities and systems
  • Quality education, training and learning
  • Supervision and assessment
  • Support services for trainees
  • Clinical load and theatre sessions
  • Equipment and clinical support services
  • Clinical governance, quality and safety

Accreditation Standards

The AOA Accreditation Standards have been developed from the original Standards of the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons (RACS) and reflect RACS’ nine core competencies. The revised Standards have been extensively reviewed to include orthopaedic specific requirements and requisite figures to familiarise hospitals and orthopaedic departments with the requirements necessary to participate as an AOA accredited training site.

AOA’s Training Site Accreditation Standards, as approved by the AOA Board in March 2013 and updated in 2016, can be found below.

AOA Training Site Accreditation Standards

Applying for Training Site Accreditation

New sites wishing to apply for accreditation as an AOA training site, as well as sites wishing to apply for additional training posts, must submit a formal application to AOA in order to be considered for accreditation. Applications from new sites and for additional posts at existing sites must be submitted by 1 October.

For sites accredited or reaccredited from 2016, the FTC will confirm accreditation for a maximum of three years given the changes to training that may result from the foreshadowed implementation of AOA 21 in coming years.


For more information regarding training site accreditation and to obtain a copy of the necessary forms, please contact AOA on 02 8071 8024 or email