Articles and interviews

Prof Peter Choong on the three most important things when thinking about research.

Catherine McDougall
Catherine McDougall on the OWL workshop that encouraged 48 female medical students, junior doctors and unaccredited registrars to seek a career in orthopaedic surgery. 

Richard Page spoke to Channel 9 about increasing shoulder surgery rates.

Michael McAuliffe toured hospitals across North America in an exchange of science, culture and philosophy.

Tim Musgrove on AOA's mentoring initiatives.

Why we're still talking about it.

"I had an opportunity to go to medical school and took a chance, and haven’t really looked back."

"I was immediately drawn to this specialty. I could use my medical knowledge to diagnose and develop a plan, then use technical skills to carry out that plan..."

"Ideally placed at the coalface of activity, surgeons observe the results of their efforts and are, therefore, equally ideally placed to drive changes and innovations that result in better outcomes."

"As a mature association, we need to articulate rules by which to live and work as colleagues, for we depend on each other in many ways."