Awardees and Board Appointees

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16 October 2017
Congratulations to our newly elected members of the AOA Board of Directors and the recipients of Awards at this year's ASM:

Board appointees:

Second Vice-President – Andrew Ellis
Colin Whitewood – Chair of Professional Conduct and Standards
Marinis Pirpiris – State Chair Director
Maurizio Damiani – General Director
Christopher Morrey – General Director
Minjae Lee – AORA President.


L O Betts Memorial Medal – Andrew Sutherland
Award for Humanitarian Service – Andrew Beischer
Leadership Award – Sindy Vrancic and Nicole Williams
Award for Service to Orthopaedic Research – Robert Fraser
Award for Service to Orthopaedic Education – Jegan Krishnan
Honorary Fellowship – Rod Green, Henrick Malchau and Michael Hollands
Corresponding Fellowship – James Bagian, Sanford Emery and Ian Curran